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Head Over Heels
Photo: Winnie Westergard


Lighting Designer


Photo: Cami Taliaferro-Barber


Cami Taliaferro-Barber is a Lighting Designer, Theater Artist, and lifelong student of the arts. She graduated from Cornish College of The Arts with a BFA in Performance Production in Fall 2023, and has been participating in theater in many forms since she was two years old. She has participated in and helped create theater in different ways throughout her life.


Cami works in local professional venues in the area including the 5th Avenue Theater and the Seattle Symphony. Her latest project has been working as the Lighting Design Apprentice at the Seattle Rep for their 23/24 season.

Artist Statement

I have been in some sort of theater my entire life. I was considered to be what is referred to as a faire brat, meaning I was essentially raised at Renaissance faires, a large home to street theater, busking, and the time period of William Shakespeare. I was the kid that would wake up the house by singing Phantom of the Opera (poorly) at 6 AM. 


I got my first real taste of the production aspect of theater my junior year of high school when I had my first opportunity of being an assistant director. Up until that point, I had been working towards building a resume as an actor and performer. I realized that being behind the scenes was a lot more fulfilling to me. I began to work on learning more about lighting and rigging and worked around my area to help build my technical theater resume. 


Over the years I have been working towards learning how to be a creative theater artist while striving to create a safe space for other theater artists. On this journey I am also learning to create big ideas with limited resources. I am a firm believer that I will never stop learning and adding onto my craft and skill no matter how old or knowledgeable I become in my field. Someone will always have something to teach me, and I shall always have something to teach in return. I aim to be a part of the magic that is theater.



Photo: Ryland Saggau





Lighting Design

Seattle International Dance Festival

Head Over Heels

Corners Grove

10th Annual Musical Revue

Khambatta Dance Company

Dir. Cyrus Khambatta

Cornish College of the Arts

Dir. Rich Gray

Cornish College of the Arts

Dir. Kaela Mae-Shing Garvin

Anderlin Arts

Dir. Jeremy Anderson

Assistant Lighting Design *Indicates a 2nd Assistant

Sanctuary City

Seattle Repertory Theater

12th Festival Of Shorts

Edmonds Driftwood Players

11th Festival Of Shorts

Edmonds Driftwood Players


Cornish College of the Arts

Quixote Nuevo*

Seattle Repertory Theater

Little Women*

Seattle Repertory Theater


Seattle Repertory Theater

The Tempest*

Seattle Repertory Theater

LD: Chih-Hung Shao

LD: Brent Stainer

LD: Brent Stainer

LD: Brent Stainer

LD: Pablo Santiago

LD: Reza Behjat

LD: Simon Wilkinson

LD: Robert J. Aguilar

Dir. Desdemona Chiang

Multiple Directors

Multiple Directors

Dir. Sheila Daniels

Dir. Lisa Portes

Dir. Marti Lyons

Asc Dir. Eve Nicol

Dir. Hattie Claire Andres

Related Job Experience

Lighting Design Apprentice

IATSE Union Stage Hand

Ticket Office Associate

Head Usher

Spot Op 

Box Office Coordinator

Lightboard Op


PUD Theatre Technician Intern

Seattle Repertory Theater

Various Theaters

Seattle Symphony

The 5th Avenue Theater

Village Theater

Seattle Symphony

Cornish College of the Arts

Seattle Pacific University

Public Utility District

2023 - present

2021 - present

2021 - present

2019 - present





2018 - 2023

Related Skills

  • Lighting console programming and operation (ETC EOS Family)

  • Able to generate and update lighting paperwork using Vectorworks Spotlight (2021-2024), Lightwright 6 and Moving Light Assistant (2024)

  • Hanging, circuiting, and focusing lighting instruments

  • Proficient in Microsoft & Google Suites

  • Able to proficiently use Tessitura in a box office setting, including at a managerial level


Kreielsheimer Cornish Foundation Scholarship

EDP Ralph Eaton Technical Scholarship

SPU Deans List

EDP Theater Arts Scholarship

Mill Creek Rotary Award: Theater

Cornish College of the Arts

Edmonds Driftwood Players

Seattle Pacific University

Edmonds Driftwood Players

Mill Creek Rotary Club







Cornish College of the Arts BFA in Lighting Design - Summa Cum Laude, 2023


Robert J. Aguilar, Lighting Director

Seattle Repertory Theatre

Brent Stainer, Theater Technician

PUD Theatre

L.B. Morse, Lighting Advisor

Cornish College of the Arts


 Download Resume Here 

• LinkedIn: Camille Taliaferro-Barber •

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